A List…

2014. Gone. 2015’s story is yet to be written.

Turning the page is always a time for reflection and to take stock of events gone by. And a look forward to the year ahead.

The past twelve months, scienceleftuntitled has continued its move into different spaces. The beat stays the same but the audiences have changed. The blog may have seemed a little bit on the quiet side. That is, for the most part, because the blog has continued to move from an everyday blogging platform to something else.

Scienceleftuntitled spent 2014 talking to scientists and poets, and covered everything from fake drugs to guinea worm.

A list would not be complete without the highs and lows. A definite high was talking to Zimbabwe’s favourite poet, Albert Nyathi, on his decision to get circumcised — to inspire many others and to help a nation combat HIV/AIDS.

If there was to be a low it would be the death of inspiration. The inspiration for this blog has always been the words written by PD James who passed away this year.

“Science has been our god. In the variety of its power it has preserved, comforted, healed, warmed, fed and entertained us and we have felt free to criticize and occasionally reject it as men have always rejected their gods, but in the knowledge that despite our apostasy, this deity, our creature and our slave, would still provide for us; the anaesthetic for the pain, the spare heart, the new lung, the antibiotic, the moving wheels and the moving pictures. The light will always come on when we press the switch and if it doesn’t we can find out why.”

Personally, it reminds us that with every loss and setback, with every thing we do not understand, we can always strive to find out why.


What had I twaught…

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