Eradicating Sleeping Sickness…

After much stillness and quietness on the blog for a long time, scienceleftuntitled is back in action, this time in the digital pages of The Guardian…

Sleeping sickness: a health scourge that refuses to be put to rest

“This approach is in direct contrast to how the disease has been fought up until now – through an intensive and expensive system of detection and treatment. As the number of cases continues to fall, the elimination of sleeping sickness rests on the ability for control activities to be integrated into wider health systems. The challenge with integrated service delivery is that it reveals organisational, logistical and technical deficiences shortcomings.

Zambia too has be lauded for its success in fighting sleeping sickness but a recent study, which investigated the state of health care facilities for sleeping sickness management in the district of Mpika, showed that even here, where infection rates are low, much could still be improved. The country exemplifies what problems are faced by local health authorities, particularly when the disease begins to be forgotten.”


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