Letters to Nature…

In Phase 2, scienceleftuntitled left its sheltered shores and took off for the far reaches of cyberspace. Australia to be exact — becoming a regular part of the scenery over at Australian Science.

To further its eternal quest for world domination, Phase 3 has now begun. And it begins on Nature’s Scitable blogs. A collection of blogs from a collection of writers, bloggers, and scientists in training on a range of different topics. From neuroscience, geology, oceanography, physics and more.

The environment shall be our “beat“. More specifically we shall focus on the interplay between science and policy. And the humans stuck in the middle.

“The science is the easy part (he says without a hint of hyperbole). More and more we shall come to learn that the most difficult thing, the most complicated mechanisms, the most complex systems at play, lay quite firmly on the human side. On the human interactions and manipulations of Earth.”

Our first exploration into this topic can be found here. And be sure to tune in on a regular basis as me and my co-blogger cover all things environmentally!


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