Not all clicks are created equally…

The other week I did a guest blog post over at Scientific American. It was essentially about my thoughts on how to write to your own particular brand of sensibilities — your niche. The day of being a generalist science writer has probably already come and gone. And besides, the way science communication has evolved, we shall see more and more experts take to the proverbial airwaves — not only as advocates for their science but as genuine great science communicators.

“The internet has been the great democratiser of just about everything we can think of. But perhaps news, journalism, and writing were the ones to fall furthest and from the greatest height when the playing field was levelled. In this information age, we are now forced to become digital natives. Everything has to be framed for the Internet—search engine optimization, 140 characters, and all. While in the “good old days” of print, journalists and writers competed for the frontpage, now they compete for clicks. The more eyeballs, the better. In order to adequately communicate science online, one must acknowledge this situation before attempting to do something about it.”

And thanks to Khalil over at SciAm’s Incubator Blog.


What had I twaught…

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