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Karen Grepin has a great blog on global health. In a latest post she rundowns some of the other great resources and blogs that are out there. What’s interesting is that it’s a list that takes a look at global health from all the angles. She remarks on the steady increase of global health blogs over the short time she herself has been blogging.

Some highlights on the list are the Center for Global Development Global Health Policy Blog, your one stop shop for all things policy.

Sarah Boseley’s Global Health Blog at the Guardian. I can’t throw enough superlatives at this woman, her writing, and the topics she covers. The right balance of old-fashined ‘newspaperly’ and new topics most papers wouldn’t even touch. I had the opportunity to meet her at AIDS2012 when she spoke at one of the media panel sessions. We talked about how, in the digital space, the line is blurring between blog and traditional article. She gave some good advice for freelancers wanting to write more on global health. Genuine class.

End the Neglect also makes Karen’s list. A blog I’ve written for on more than one occassion, and one that works tirelessly to raise the profile of neglected tropical diseases. With a never-ending list of guest bloggers that are all passionate about tropical diseases. The right blend of advocacy and information.

On Karen’s list is also I used to love this blog. It always served to highlight the latest research on tropical disease as well as some of the over-arching policy decisions behind it all. But for some reason it seems the blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Anyone know why?

There are plenty more on Karen’s list. And her blog itself is definitely one to add to the RSS feed.


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  1. 1 Flexo coatings November 5, 2012 at 11:07

    Global health is a very sensitive issue. I have read many blogs on global health but this one is the most interesting so far.

  2. 2 internal medicine November 8, 2012 at 08:16

    Love the post and I love the idea where bloggers should spread the news about health concerns. I am a health officer and studied internal medicine. And want each of us to learn or understand the meaning and how health is important because most of the people tend to forget it. It’s so sad…

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