While God wasn’t looking, Australia was born…

Scienceleftuntitled, in it’s eternal quest for world domination, can now be found parasitising Australian Science.

Perhaps parasitising is the wrong word.

To explain: a different flavour (shall we say) of my writings can now be found over at Australian Science. The Australian Science & Technology magazine and blog network aims to build an inter-galactic, or perhaps global to start with, collection of writers to explore the wonderful world of science and technology. In the age of the internet location means less than it did, and that narrow view we once had has been traded in for diversity.

I’m excited to be involved in a burgeoning and fledgling community and excited to explore new topics and interested to see what comes of it. Given the fact that Australia is in the title expect to see more writings pertaining to and of aforementioned land mass (did someone mention ectoparasites?).

So for all those who ever thought to themselves, I wonder what scienceleftuntitled looks like upside down and with the water swirling in the opposite direction — Australian Science is your answer.

In my first post I explain my love and fear of space and worms.


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