7 billion…

As we get ready to say hello to the 7th billion person on earth (best estimates place that birth in India) we get reminded of what it actually means to be born into poverty.

Since 2009, 1 million more children have been added to the poverty list, and that is in the US alone. One in every four children under the age of 6 live in poverty.

Ever since the world’s population was at a mere 500 million, we have always asked if we have enough resources to cater for everyone. The last farming revolution allowed us to get to the 6 billion mark. More revolutions will come and go, famines will also come and go, populations in Europe will shrink, populations in Africa will grow. Most of us will live in cities and endless urban sprawls. Indeed, at the 7 billion mark, and beyond, we shall continue to strive for equality for all, food security for all, health and prosperity for all.


What had I twaught…

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