On binary distinctions and litmus tests…

Science vs God is a debate to stay well away from. But the debate is used, as with many things in America, as a litmus test. To categorise you and decide if you are red or blue. Liberal or Right. American politics is full of these binary distinctions. Roe vs Wade, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Proposition 8… the list goes on. Because, God forbid, the truth be a little bit more complicated than that. Which brings me to the hot topic of the day: Republican presidential candidates and science. Below is a brief rundown:

Chris Blattman points out the outlier in an interesting graph.

Culture of Science blog splits democrats and republicans based on evolution.

Leading to the next logical question; do smart people accept evolution?

Finally, UNDispatch and NPR tell us where the presidential candidates stand on the issues.

It’s interesting to note how some decide the science is wrong outright and others decide that it’s just “manufactured science”. Yes, believe it or not, this group of people are asking to be elected to higher office.


What had I twaught…

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